Mobile Application Development

Do you want to gain a winning advantage for your business with an e-commerce store that delivers top- notch shopping experiences? Build one that excels in look and feel and gets you high conversions.

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Award-Winning Techies at Your Disposal to Create Fully Personalized App Experiences

Digitally drive your business reach across the target audience with innovative Android, iOS, and cross-platform mobile apps. Rely on our years of mobile application development services expertise and exclusive access to future-ready technologies.

At OrangeMantra, we offer full-cycle of mobile app development services including planning, designing, integration, and management. Be it a customer-oriented or enterprise-level application, we provide end-to-end mobile application development solutions across distinctive verticals.

Enhance your business growth by developing a simplified & user-friendly app for smartphones, tablets, or both. We help you simplify business complexities by developing B2B, B2C, and C2C applications.

Mobile App Projects Deployment

Utilize time-tested custom mobile app development services to start your project. In addition to business analysis, UX/UI design, and development of your mobile application from idea to launch, our experts also cover the integration of the new product into your infrastructure and further optimization and scale-up on demand.

Strategy Building

Planning, designing, integrating, and managing are all parts of the full cycle that OrangeMantra, the mobile app development company provides. We offer complete solutions for developing mobile applications across various verticals, whether they are customer-focused or enterprise-level applications. By creating a straightforward and user-friendly app for smartphones, tablets, or both, you can accelerate the growth of your company.

We Serve Across Industries

We create B2B, B2C, and C2C applications to assist you in complex business operations. Today, all businesses do need to develop mobile apps. We, one of the best mobile application development companies in India can offer you top-notch, conventional mobile apps of any category. We have collaborated with a variety of brands, businesses, startups, and individuals to develop effective apps from great ideas.

Mobile App Development for Different OS

Our team of mobile app developers can make apps for different operating systems, including iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform solutions in Flutter, React Native, and Ionic. We, one of the top mobile application development companies in India, have experience in creating mobile app development solutions to meet your business needs. We are a technology company that uses technology to deliver efficiency and creativity. Our client's success through our services and products is always our main priority.

Our Mobile Application Development Services

Android App Development

Target the extensive Android app market with robust, feature-rich, UI/UX-friendly mobile apps. Accelerate your business revenue with successful apps by relying on our Android app development services in India and the expertise of industry-level app developers.

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iOS App Development

Reach the elite prospects with a scalable, stable, and full-fledged iOS app developed by our skilled & professional team. We have a decade of expertise and a successful line of the portfolio in developing iOS apps as a leading mobile app development company in Gurgaon.

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Hybrid App Development

Extend the reach of your digital business landscape across app users of different operating systems. We have a team of experts creating cross-platform apps by using React Native framework. iOS and Android application development services are the two driving forces to enrich reach and profitability.

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Progressive Web App Development

Follow the trend to stay ahead with progressive web app development. Here, we offer a seamless experience on different mobile devices with the capabilities of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Our app developers integrate the top-notch features while creating result-oriented mobile and web apps.

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IoT Apps

Stay connected with a range of devices and gather data using IoT apps to make information-based decisions. We create secure and market-ready IoT apps to empower your business with a competitive advantage. Hire mobile app developer to avail fully integrated IoT solutions for existing hardware and new smart infrastructure alike.

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m-Commerce Apps

Take your online retail business to the next level with results-driven mobile commerce. We boost your sales by expanding your digital footprints via high-performing apps tailored to specific requirements. Extend your reach towards active customers and scale up business ROI seamlessly.

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App Driven Success Stories

Our work is our real identity that speaks itself and generates a level of trust & acceptance across enterprises.

Hero Motorcycle Navigation App

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eCommerce Mobile App Rapid Development for a Gulf-based FMCG Retailer

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We Use Best-In-Class Technologies to Build Top-Notch Apps

Our technology stack comprises a distinctive list of programming languages, tools, and operating systems to build customer-centric apps.


Using this virtually unmatched framework, you can build web, mobile, and enterprise software applications. Java enables you to create feature-rich enterprise-grade mobile apps.


It's compatible with Java Virtual Machine and JavaScript and offers an extensive range of capabilities that support Java interoperability, speed, and code quality, among others.

Swift UI

It is a brand-new framework for building iOS applications meant for smartphones, smartwatches, macOS, and tvOS. It offers a rapid solution for building the user interface, buttons, pickers, lists, stacks, and other app components.

React Native

Also known as RN, it is a JavaScript-based mobile app development framework. It allows the developers to build natively-rendered applications for Android & iOS by using the same codebase.


Flutter allows you to make apps that run seamlessly on Android, iOS, and the web. It's an open-source framework that uses a single code base written in the Dart language.


Known as a superset of the C programming language, Objective-C provides dynamic typing and binding while offering language-level support for object graph management, among other features.

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Our Mobile Application Development Process

As a top-notch mobile application development company in India, we follow a streamlined process of developing your business-specific application to deliver maximum results ahead.

Initial Analysis

It starts with comprehending your requirements. We provide a viable solution with the technical expertise of our developers & knowledge of the latest trends.


Our team of experts creates a blueprint & wireframe to give a slight idea of the app's outlook in the first place.


After finalizing the design, we start with end-to-end development utilizing the facets of numerous technologies & tools.


We perform stringent testing to ensure smooth functionality, security, and bug-free functionality. Also, conduct UAT (user acceptance testing) to ensure seamless performance.


We deploy the mobile app on the respective app store or your server and get it ready for users to access.

Post Deployment Maintenance

We provide end-to-end support post-deployment of your application. It is to ensure hassle-free apps' functionality as per the requirement.

Hire Expert Mobile App Developers

Rely on the expertise of our extensive mobile app development team catering to your unique business requirements. We are backed by mobile app developers with different industry-level experience and well-versed in native & cross-platform app development.

Hire Developers


Java was the first programming language adopted by app developers for mobile application development. It is still running supreme as the leading choice of programming language. Apart from that, other choices are also available like Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dart, etc.

React Native is an ideal choice of framework extensively used for developing Native apps. Native applications are respective apps for iOS and Android platforms. You need to hire React Native developer for building an apt for either of the operating systems.

No, mobile app development is not that hard when you hire an experienced application developer. It depends on the expertise of a developer to make your app development process goes streamlined and customizable.

The cost of developing a mobile app is completely based on your business requirements. The type of application required features, platform, integrations, and several other factors are responsible for considering the price of app development services.

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