Infamou$ Relocated to Texas!

Hey All,

Please excuse my horrible efforts to keep my site up to date. A lot has happened since Performance World and the first cruise of 2010! I have relocated to Austin Texas for work and pretty much packed everything up from home and moved south! I have been here for 2 months now and just love it. Lots of opportunity here and I hope to continue delivering some builds and project in the near future. Unfortunately I just installed an AEM computer setup in my friends 335i BMW and didn’t even take a pic to show the wiring pining and install process 🙁 I will be sure to keep y’all posted with new stuff soon. Here is a sneak peek of a few pictures taken today helping my friend fix some panels from his bike! More details to follow!

Update on the project cars:

  • The only vehicle I have with me in TX is my 2000 Lightning and I drove it all the way down with only the possessions that would fit in the back. Currently waiting for a new set of 23" tires to show up as my old ones were Bald.
  • The Mustang Convertible is now in the hands of my very good friend from back home. He has been enjoying the car all summer and has entered a few shows with great reviews and has not yet brought it to the track.
  • The ACS BMW has been in taken care of by a good friend of mine back home and is currently listed for sale If you are interested please be sure to send me an email.  Here are some up to date pics of the car. It has been running great!

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