Mobile Bandwidth Crunch

Posted on December 30, 2010 by 60 Degree Digital

It sounds straight out of a techno-horror apocalypse movie. The modern world as we know will end - the networks are close to a dangerous tipping point and we will soon see a worldwide collapse of the internet as new users are added daily and the media consumption gets heavier with live streaming HD Content and real time video chats. Or is it?

An indepth analysis publised by Analysis Mason, discusses that the growth of mobile data is far from seeing the much vaunted data explosion. In fact, their figures state that mobile data is growing at around 35% in Europe and is set to slow in 2011.

One of the reasoning is that mobile providers are inflating their figures to impact on new pricing models. Others argue that we are being too conservative to the ever explosive growing mobile broadband demand.

A mention has been made about the self correction of the trends. If we look at the oil industry it was predicted that all oil will end up by the time we enter the new century, but it has not - why? because these predictions were the very triggers to locate new oil reserves, look for renewable options and cutting the consumption of oil by the users with a steady increase in the prices of the commodity.