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Mobile Bandwidth Crunch

Posted on December 30, 2010 by 60 Degree Digital

It sounds straight out of a techno-horror apocalypse movie. The modern world as we know will end – the networks are close to a dangerous tipping point and we will soon see a worldwide collapse of the internet as new users are added daily and the media consumption gets heavier with live streaming HD Content and real time video chats. Or is it?… Continue reading

On ‘Information Architecture’ at 60 Degree Digital

Posted on December 30, 2010 by 60 Degree Digital

At 60 Degree Digital, we believe that creation of products “read: websites, portals, brochures or even a simple business card” does not simply mean throwing some text, images and a fancy structure into photoshop, we believe that all information presented to the users must have a careful, measured and well analyzed information architecture process which should be based on the user demographic, aim of the product and the amount of information...Continue reading

Neuro Marketing and Neuro Branding

Posted on March 21, 2010 by 60 Degree Digital

The world has already started moving beyond the traditional branding and marketing tactics. We now have an advanced form of the subliminal marketing. Wikipedia defines subliminal stimuli as: contrary to supraliminal stimuli or “above threshold”, are any sensory stimuli below an… Continue reading