60 degree is fully committed to the principle of equal opportunity, as an employer as well as a service provider. Diversity in our workforce is viewed as an asset, and we aim to improve employee productivity by utilizing their strengths.

We believe in equal employment opportunities and stringently follow a policy to hire and promote the most deserving individuals. We measure the potential of employees based on their knowledge, experience and value addition. By promoting fair recruitment, growth opportunities, respect in the workplace and work-life balance we are able to attract the best talents to our organization.

In order to further clarify on the concept of equality and to encourage the staff to follow it we conduct regular training sessions in the workplace. Our position as an equal opportunity employer translates into us becoming an equal opportunity player as well. We follow a consistent approach in dealing with all our clients, whether local or international and value each one of them as an integral part of our global corporate family.

We strongly object and oppose any kind of unfair and unlawful discrimination, be it on the basis of age, sex, gender, race, religion, orientation, disability, ethnicity or nationality.

As a global organization we strive to work with diverse clients in diverse markets. Our stand as an equal opportunity organization ensures that the best services are provided to every client. The diversity at 60 degree, both in terms of clients and employees, is our essential asset and a key to our success.

Come and join us!